Top 3 casinos owned by American Indian tribes

Casinos owned by American Indian tribes can seem a dime a dozen: there’s certainly no shortage of them thanks to the beneficial laws regulating Native American gaming. But which ones are best? While each establishment of this kind is an experience of its own, a couple of them continue rising above the crowd due to size, features or plain old atmosphere. Without further ado, here are 3 of the best American Indian casinos for whenever you feel like taking a break and hitting the slots in style.


Potawatomi Hotel & Casino: We mentioned size, and size is certainly something that the Potawatomi Casino has in abundance: with over 400,000 square feet of property, it ranks as the largest American Indian casino in the country. In fact, the casino was so massive that its owners decided to make an already-imposing structure even more so by adding a premium hotel. Whether you’re on a business trip to Milwaukee or simply looking to gamble somewhere that isn’t named Las Vegas, Potawatomi will have you covered: the hotel’s terrific rooms with great service complement one of the best casino floors you’ll come across, featuring every type of game you can think of but with a special focus on slot machines (of which there are thousands on the premises). When you feel like getting the special treatment, consider the casino’s Solstice Lounge – a fancy area designed with big spenders in mind.

Mohegan Sun: Another massive complex with a property nearly as large as Potawatomi’s (although Mohegan’s structures easily seem larger), Mohegan Sun is another top American Indian casino that recently underwent an expansion to become even bigger and badder. Featuring a fully-equipped hotel with some of the best rooms in the state, this gem never forgets games are what made it: aside from traditional card games and slot machines, there’s also the option to bet on live horse and greyhound racing in an electrifying surrounding. Did we mention it’s one of the best poker places in all of Connecticut? The casino is also notable for featuring a theater with over 300 seats and a stunning ballroom that frequently hosts prestigious events.

Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort: Not as large as the other casinos on the list, the Jackson Rancheria is nevertheless worth a visit during any time of the year and no matter what you’re out to do. In contrast to the aforementioned towering structures, Jackson features a much cozier setting full of American Indian motifs and styles. That’s not to say that the resort is any less spectacular, of course: the modern interior provides a nice contrast to the outer simplicity of the structure, having everything you could want from a gambler’s paradise while still keeping a ‘home away from home’ vibe. And with dozens of live gaming tables and hundreds of impressive video machines, don’t sleep on Jackson Rancheria’s ability to turn gambling haters into addicts. Also, while there, you don’t have to lodge in the hotel – there’s a fully-equipped RV park on-site that helps accommodate all kinds of weary travelers looking for rest (or a chance to hit the jackpot).