Where to purchase tribal rugs

Everyone who has seen tribal rugs knows how distinctly beautiful they tend to be. Each of these rugs is handmade using techniques and materials specific for the tribe – one could safely say that every tribal rug embodies a tribe’s spirit and what its people stand for.

The prestigiousness of tribal rugs has given rise to all manners of scams over the years, and there’s no shortage of people trying to sell fake tribal rugs at hefty prices. If you’re buying one, it’s sure to make for a remarkable addition to your home, but you should shop carefully and insure yourself against fishy dealings.

Here are some places where you can buy genuine tribal rugs and things you should look out for when doing so.


  • Auctions: These might be the very best way to buy a tribal rug for one simple reason: you’ll rarely find an auction that sells anything other than the real deal. Look for established auction houses with a recognizable brand and you should have no trouble finding a timeless rug that never goes out of style. As convenient as they are, there are downsides to an auction: the act of bidding is very stressful to some people, not to mention that it tends to inflate the rug’s price quite a bit. Also, you always risk losing the rug you fell in love with to someone who can pay more.
  • Specialized stores: Stores that specialize in selling antiques and similar objects of high value and with a lengthy history are another good bet. As is the case with auction houses, stores selling tribal rugs will have experts working for them who can accurately deduce whether a tribal carpet is real and how valuable it is. You can generally expect to find a good deal in stores like these, although locating one might be difficult and could potentially involve hours and hours of cross-state travel to get to the rug you want. Since these stores don’t always ship their items (and when they do, there’s a good chance that the delivery company could cause damage), get ready to transport the tribal rug on your own which can be difficult or even beyond your capabilities.
  • Online stores: While auction houses often do some of their dealings online, this entry focuses more on online stores that purport to sell genuine tribal rugs. Here is where it gets hard to tell fact from fiction – you have little way of knowing whether an online store is selling an actual tribal rug or a convincing fake. Sure, you can check reviews, but the reviewers could always be on the website owner’s payroll. To ensure you get a good deal, it’s best to buy from a real-world company with an established reputation.
  • eBay and similar sites: Buying your tribal rug from other people, especially online, is rarely advised – considering the price of tribal rugs, you can hardly afford to deal with a scammer. To make matters worse, the sellers of tribal rugs may have been scammed themselves and are under the belief that the rug is real. There’s always a chance of buying the real thing, but there’s no reason to take it – simply pick a safer place to purchase from instead.